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Conflict Transformation from Within

How do we create conflict? Are you wondering what went wrong and struggle to find a way to make it right? Are you tired of daily arguments with your partner, your boss, your neighbour...?

Let me show you how to deal with conflict, depending on the issue and the relationship.

Here's why we should talk

We will uncover the seeds of conflict and learn the Creative Problem Solving and Cross Fertilized Communication.


You will gain a greater understanding of what are the root causes of conflict, how and when to prevent, how to manage and how to transform them.


You will also gain a shift in attitude on how you approach any crisis - from danger to opportunity.

Enroll into this training and you will gain useful, practical knowledge readily applicable in your everyday life. You will be able to:

  • Understand conflict

What is conflict? Is it positive or negative? What are the dangers and opportunities of conflicts? I will guide you to the answers to these questions and I'll show you five best ways to deal with conflicts.

  • Acquire the tools for conflict transformation

Solving conflicts may seem difficult; a goal that is hard to reach. We often look too far and forget that we carry most of the tools right within us. One of the keys for solving conflicts is a heart-centered communication and we will work together in finding the precious tools we all carry within us. They are going to serve us as tools to transform conflicts.

  • Understand the root causes of conflict

How do we create conflict? Relationships, emotions, information, values, needs and interests all play together when it comes to conflict. Not necessarily at the same time and in the same way but they are all root causes of conflict. Together, we will explore how they interact and impact your life.

  • Understand the principles of conflict transformation

Do you often feel misunderstood and at the same time feel that you also lack understanding? Do you want to really know what it means to listen? Is trusting the process a daily challenge for you? I will teach you the essence of conflict transformation from within and we will activate the trust in becoming your own creator of harmonious living.

This training is available to individuals and groups.


Eva Dalak figures among the most distinguished trainers in our courses for civilian peacebuilders for many years now. Far beyond her tremendous academic knowledgea and practical expertise, she is, first and foremost, a wonderful human being and a charismatic, soulful messenger of peace. Our participants admire Eva - and I feel personally honored and enriched to work with her.

Elias Bierdel, Program Co-ordinator

Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution

Eva Dalak is an incredibly dynamic, charming and bright person. She was a colleague of mine for many years at Search for Common Ground NGO and has since become a dear friend. She is amongst the few persons I know who has capitalised so well on a rich cultural background, professional experiences both with NGOs and multilateral organisations, proficiency in many languages, the ability to connect with people and an ever positive outlook on life.

Geoffrey Weichselbaum, Country Director - Tunisia,
Democracy Reporting International

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