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Golden Package

Radical transformation plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Service Description

Let me guide you on a journey of self discovery, helping you unearth the root causes of conflicts within yourself and your relationships. We develop a personalized growth plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. This plan then becomes your roadmap for ongoing personal development, ensuring that the transformative journey extends well beyond the program duration. You will develop a profound understanding of your beliefs, values, and triggers, leading to lasting personal insights. You receive highly personalized one-on-one sessions and tailored content, including additional support between sessions, that give you not only immediate relief but also tools for sustainable and profound changes that will positively impact your life in the long run. As you address not only surface-level conflicts but also underlying spiritual and emotional wounds, you will be able to experience long-term healing. By integrating spiritual psychology, we address emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects, providing a holistic approach to healing and transformation. This helps you find deeper meaning and connection, providing a spiritual anchor during times of conflict so you may experience a sense of purpose and direction that continues to guide you long after the program concludes. My coaching program equips you with practical and effective communication, conflict resolution, and leadership skills that you carry into various aspects of your lives, fostering healthier relationships and reducing the recurrence of conflicts. This empowers you to take charge of your life and build resilience in the face of challenges. You will receive recordings of our Zoom sessions, hand outs with exercises, book references, and more on conflict resolution, communication skills, and peace building. These supplementary materials and resources provide additional support outside scheduled sessions. Detailed list of services: 24 one-hour Zoom sessions (one/week) 24 check-in calls (one/week, 15 min) Unlimited email support Discussing your emotional, mental, and spiritual needs to facilitate healing and transformation. Guidance around self-work, business, & relationships. Personalized growth & development plan Communication, Leadership and Conflict Transformation skills Access to video library Weekly inspirational videos Supplementary materials & resources, such as readings, exercises, or access to a community. 4 follow-up & support calls during integration period 30% discount on retreats

Contact Details

+506 8320 1915

Casa 39 Condominio Vía Heredia, Heredia Province, Cantón de San Pablo, Costa Rica

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