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Joyful Spirit

Recently, I launched a space for self expression and exploration of how it is to choose life riding on the energy of joy at Substack.


I progressively lost my eyesight between 2020 and 2021 and with that I also lost the taste of life and my inner joy. I have always taken joy for granted, being a joyful person, finding it easy to laugh at any circumstances, and often being referred to as the best public for lousy jokes. Yet, when I lost my vision, I lost my life as I knew it. Now that I have recuperated my eyesight, it took me time to recuperate my joy. Spending most of my time reflecting, writing, wondering, I was baffled by the various layers of healing that were and still are taking place. I am slowly engaging with life beyond myself, and challenging myself to engage with joy in a new creative way.

I believe that joy is the highest vibration on which we can all meet, regardless of cultures, beliefs, circumstances, and personalities. It is fun to have a good laugh together and to seek the hidden joy underneath sadness. It is always there, just like the sun behind the clouds.

I am posting bi-weekly and invite you to visit and explore with me.

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