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Hi, I’m Eva! Let me introduce myself. I am a Palestinian Muslim that grew up in Israel and studied in a Christian French school. My identity was formed by the combination of the three religions and very constrained traditions, cultures, and conflicts. Yet what defines me is my deep connection to the human spirit and a sense of freedom that goes beyond my identity.


"Before knowing Eva or what I like to call the “Dalak method”, I still struggled with many internalized conflicts, such as impetuously cunning, false beliefs; irreplaceable unfortunate relationship patterns, unhealthy attachment styles, and family baggage that I did not know how to fully release."

I studied international law and political science at the Sorbonne in Paris and worked with one of the largest NGO’s in the field of conflict transformation, as well as with the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, with European Union Delegations around the world.


While studying spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica, I got pregnant with my first child and made the decision with my partner to move to the jungles of Costa Rica to have a natural birth and to begin our family in a peaceful natural environment as well as to create a conscious wellbeing retreat center.


Living in Costa Rica now, birthing my children naturally, unassisted at home, and beginning a conscious-based life has brought me to my knees and given me the best gift of my life – the gift of love, vulnerability and strength. Everything then came into alignment with my life purpose and the services that I offer.


Along with my coaching practice, I continue to work on conflict transformation and peace-building issues through One Whole Peace – an organisation I co-founded with my friend and colleague Dalit Eliahu.


Get to know more about me in this video.