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Sacred Cacao Dance

Sacred Cacao Dance is a ritual of drinking medicinal cacao in a meditative way with the intention to commune with it and receive its gifts. The purpose is to clear the daily noise and life issues and focus our attention, taking steps to collect ourselves, creating a funnel of frequencies, until we are tuned into the frequency of the cacao and ready to receive it.

It is a ceremonial sacred experience designed to guide participants on a journey inward to open their hearts and connect with the most blissful expression of their being.

Benefits of Cacao


Opens Your Heart

It helps you deeply connect with your inner self and others. It is particularly helpful for people living with anxiety and fears.


Increases Creativity

It wakes up the skills, talents, passions and aspirations that you may have forgotten or cast aside.


Enhances Energy

Cacao is dense with nutrients and flavonoids that improve blood flow to the brain and heart, and give you a strong energy boost.


Brings Clarity

During this process, you will have a hightened awareness of where you are and everything around you.


Heightens Meditation

Cacao opens you up to hear your inner spirit and wisdom. You will experience the world of meditation at a higher spiritual level.

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The Process

I begin the process by asking participants to set their intentions, as the direction of our journey. Then the drinking of sacred cacao is held in silence and meditation. The cacao I use is pure 100% raw, grown on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, in Talamanca, and handcrafted locally by indigenous women of the Bribri tribe. As they drink cacao, participants are encouraged to pay attention to their bodies, take deep breaths and listen to their hearts.

After meditation, we complete the ritual with an ecstatic dance! Truly letting ourselves free of all worries, of all limitations that we place on ourselves. Dancing together in pure joy and gratitude, we embrace the new unbridled energy and release that which is no longer serving us. This is a complete freedom of individual expression. You choose your level of participation in the dance. The dance is free from judgement, and the only expectation is for you to be true to yourself.

The effect of the cacao can last up to 24 hours and the ceremony is only the opening note of the journey for the individual. After an hour, I bring it to closure with expression of gratitude to the cacao spirit and the participants.

The Cacao Ceremony I had with Eva was one of the most unique experiences I have ever had. I felt comfortable and safe in her serene presence. Her loving kindness and wisdom guided me through my journey with the cacao.

Rose, Los Angeles

Eva is a beacon of light and confidence that uplifts and inspires others. Her cacao ceremony was an amazing experience, of sacred space and authentic connection to self.

Andrea,  Puertoviejo

While in Costa Rica at a yoga and spiritual retreat, I had the pleasure of meeting Eva, whose presence was of pure peace. She guided our group through a beautiful traditional Cacao Ceremony. The cacao was brought from a farm in Talamanca, and her wisdom on the health and mental benefits was impressive.

Jasmin,  USA

Book me

I  have facilitated Sacred Cacao Dance in various retreat centers in Costa Rica - such as Blue Spirit, Danyasa Eco retreat, Agua Claras, le Cameleon, Casa Estrella, El Despertador - as well as for numerous yoga centers in Los Angeles, Topanga, Tel Aviv, Irak, Amman, Ivory Coast and Madagascar. I would be delighted to host a class for your group or event. Sacred Cacao Dance is a wonderful highlight during yoga retreats, team building events, company retreats, etc.


A two-hour Sacred Cacao Dance includes the medicinal cacao drink (enhanced with herbs and roots), connecting with nature elements, exploring the benefits of cacao fruit and drink, heart opening dance and a gift of 30 gr. chocolate bar for each participant.

I only use pure, 100% raw cacao,
grown on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, in Talamanca, and handcrafted locally by indigenous women of the Bribri tribe.


I can customize the experience to include various other elements, such as VisionBoard, heart-centered communication exercises, and other facilitation tools to elevate your participants' experience.

Reach Out

It will be my pleasure to send you a quote with more details about how we can include Sacred Cacao Dance in your event.

Thank you for your message! I will get back to you within 24 hours. Have a great day!

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