It Is Time To Embrace Your Inner Power

Celebrating International Women’s Day this week had me reflecting back on some of the work I’ve done. I’ve dedicated my life to advocating for women around the globe.

It is 2022, and the current context is still a patriarchal society, dominated by masculine values. However, the feminine is making its way. Slowly but surely.

We’ve seen advances in gender equality, but there is still so much work to be done on women's rights, violence against women, the gender pay gap, and access to healthcare - including abortions. In some countries, abortions are outlawed yet prostitution is legal. Gender bias continues to create huge barriers for many women. Women all over the world don't have equal economic opportunities, educational options or physical protection from violence.

Displaced women fare worse on multiple fronts, including employment access, cell phone access, financial inclusion, and intimate partner violence. Conflict and displacement affect every aspect of a woman’s life and increase her risk of abuse. High levels of violence against women pose a serious threat to individuals’ and communities’ ability to face and recover from any crisis.

Gender equality goes hand in hand with sisterhood and engaging with men.

Sisters, I invite you to take this time to work towards letting go of the need to fit in, to adjust, to accommodate the values of the patriarchy that surrounds and dominates us. Tap into the power that lives within you. To our brothers, I invite you to reflect on how you can support the women around you and break down the barriers that the patriarchy has placed upon us all.

Find unity and sisterhood in the women around you. Stand by each other. When we uplift each other, we can stop the suffering and violence. Regardless of where this takes place, whether its at home, in the streets, in conflict zones. We are stronger together. Release the ideals that no longer serve you. Take charge of your own life.

I have supported countless women in my career as a women's empowerment facilitator. I have worked with organizations such as the UN, World Bank, European Union, as well as coaching women outside of these organizations in their path to radical transformation. My knowledge, experience and passion for this work is what drives me to support others making this type of change. I am here to support you too.

If you need support in designing this life, this shift in power, I would love to help. Please book a free discovery call with me and we can discuss how to create forward motion.

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I am supported and uplifted by such magnificent women in my life, I wish to do the same for them.

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I enjoy hearing back from you, please don't hesitate to connect with me any time via email or social media.

Stay healthy, safe, and loving, and may you always be touched by grace.

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