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Throughout the cycles of life we experience feelings of being lost or stuck. We may have trouble forgiving ourselves, others or simply just letting go. Taking care of ourselves becomes a challenge. Depression overwhelms us and sometimes these struggles manifest in physical pain through parts of our body.

Have you been experiencing any of this?

If the answer is yes, you need a shift in your life.

I help people shift the relationships in their life. Whether it's your relationship with yourself, your family, significant other, colleagues, or even more abstract concepts like your relationship with food.

Together I can support you in shifting away from the old relationship and welcome in a new, healthier, more satisfying connection.

I am an intuitive person with sharp analytical skills and long-standing experience in conflict zones, I apply these gifts to my work as a relationshift mentor. I am able to intuit the issues that are hidden deep within people’s psyches and bring them to the



Throughout my experience, I have learned that mentoring, healing, and the ultimate shift in relationship can only take place when I work in harmony with my client.  You must be ready to bring the dark places into the open and accept the shadows. There is a balance of light and dark within all of us. Acceptance of that brings forth new ways to keep and restore that balance throughout your lifetime. Your readiness and willingness to put your trust in me, and my skills, experience, and intuition as a mentor brings about the Radical Transformation.


Below are various ways we can work together. If you are interested in booking, please complete the booking request and I will contact you to schedule our time together.


"Eva has the rare and precious ability to translate vague concepts of spiritual growing into day-to-day, concrete, pragmatic and “user friendly” practice. She gently took me out of my comfort zone, even when there was resistance to see myself from a different angle. It was a difficult, but deliciously joyful and pleasant work. All my gratitude for Eva!"

Book a Discovery Call


Deciding to begin a coaching journey is a great act of self love. This is a decision that should not be made hastily.

If you're not sure where to start or what is right for you, let's connect and discuss what path you should consider.

In a free discovery call, we'll spend about 15 minutes discussing your goals and how my services will fit into that puzzle.

Radical Transformation For Individuals


Radical Transformation Coaching is a specific coaching program designed for individuals ready to radically transform their lives and fly to their highest potential with no excuses.

My approach combines intuition and analytical skills. I offer guidance on surpassing blocks and gaining greater clarity and inner peace while providing strategic coaching that allows clients to establish a sustainable, self-nourishing, and self-reliant practice for themselves.


This 9-session program takes place completely virtually.


I provide guidance and support so you attain greater inner peace and be fully engaged in your life purpose personally and professionally. At the end of the program, you come away with practical tools that you can apply daily in your professional and personal life.

Spotlight Session


While I believe the most substantial transformations happen through long-term work together, if you feel called to explore one specific topic, I offer individual ad-hoc coaching sessions. These sessions are completely customizable and designed to focus on creating a transformative shift in one specific area of your life.

RelationSHIFT For Couples


Loving oneself and each other is key in a relationship and yet it is not enough. Relationships require deep individual work, as well as intentional and conscious practice in loving, acceptance, and ownership of our own wounds and the ability to let go and forgive. 


Welcome to the journey home — where the heart is. 


The program consists of nine sessions; three couple sessions and six individual sessions – during which we work to uncover the answers to the questions that are crucial for the individual and for the relationship:

  • What are your individual and common intentions?

  • What are your individual and common values and needs?

  • What are you willing and ready to commit to?


The process creates a safe space to open up, explore, share, speak and listen. The work extends beyond the sessions, with individual and couples’ homework that is then reviewed together.


As a result of this process, the couples identify new ways of dealing with each other and themselves, learn new tools to communicate and connect, and let go of past stories, issues, and hurt. At the end of this program, you come away with a renewed sense of peace, joy, and passion in life.