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What is Coaching?

Coaching is designed to help you focus on the present and create a path to achieve your goals in the future.  


Our goal is to help you move forward in the direction you want. We explore your past and how it affects your future decisions, and then help you become more mindful in the present moment.

We guide you to building a toolbox of resources specific for you and your future goals. 

We support you as you enhance your skills, build your resources and access your natural creativity to design and obtain the life you truly want.

This encompasses caring for your physical body, your mind, and your spirit.  Gain greater clarity, inner peace, and establish a sustainable, self-nourishing, and self-reliant practice.

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It is first important to understand what counseling is and what therapy is.


Counseling, while similar to coaching, is centered around healing past trauma and pain. The goal is to better understand yourself through understanding and resolving your past. Counselors support you through your journey of processing your past. 


Therapy is a service provided by a licensed therapist and is typically a long term process. In therapy you may work on similar things as you would with counseling or coaching, however it also explores things like behaviors and how to better manage them.  Therapy may also explore how medication prescribed to you may help with your specific needs.


Coaching, counseling, and therapy are separate services, however they are complimentary and can often have dynamic results when a person seeks out more than one avenue.

How is coaching different from counseling or therapy?

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Why should I choose coaching?

It is important for my clients to be ready to go into those dark places, and accept the shadows. 

Clients that choose coaching are ready for radical transformation and are committed to finding their highest potential.

If you are ready to explore the connection to your physical body, the pathways of your mind, and the depths of your soul, I would be honored to be your guide. 

Choosing a coach should be a harmonious pairing, where trust is paramount. 

Radical transformation is waiting for you. You just have to choose it.

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Absolutely. Coaching, counseling and therapy are all ways for an individual to become the best version of themselves.


Each offers a unique approach and result. When an individual chooses any combination of these paths, dynamic changes can happen.

Can I do coaching when I’m already seeing a counselor or therapist?

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“She opened my eyes to realize that everything around me and within me is actually there for a reason, conspiring to support me in some way, (even when it is hidden to my understanding) and from there, to adopt an attitude of gratitude towards my body, nature, and the universe.”