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Relax, rewind & recharge

I offer safe spaces for women to reconnect to their true, innermost spirit. Shake off the pressures of your daily routine for few hours or few days. Release the stress with cacao and dance with abandon. Gift yourself a few days in the splendor of Costa Rican nature to explore your inner life and release the stress cycles accumulated over time. Let me be your guide as you go within.

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Breaking Free

Women's Empowerment Retreat

28 March - 01 April 2023

In March, my friend Lazarina Todorova and I will be co-hosting a four-day retreat for women over 40 who find themselves in the sacred transition known as "mid-life crisis" and/or who are undergoing peri-menopause & menopause. This retreat will support women experiencing relationship changes (relationSHIFT) and life purpose realignment. It will be a container for women to express and receive support, guidance, practical tips and tools as they navigate their sacred transition, breaking free from self-censoring, self-imposed isolation, or the myth of "self-sufficiency." Coming into loving acceptance of the transformation that their physical bodies are going through, we will dismantle the past limited selves into new, sovereign and empowered state of being!


Sacred Cacao Dance

Sacred Cacao Dance is a ritual of drinking medicinal cacao in a meditative way with the intention to commune with it and receive its gifts. It is a ceremonial sacred experience designed to guide participants on a journey inward to open their hearts and connect with the most blissful expression of their being. Read more...

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