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Dancing in the Dark

Re-Treat Yourself 

September 17 - 19, 2021

Join us as we prepare for the new Equinox season Together! 

Experience community around the sacredness of life and its true gift.

Dancing In The Dark is a retreat honoring the balance of darkness and light ― moving past our shadows and embracing our light.


Dancing in the Dark was inspired by Eva's journey into her dark night of the soul and emergence into the light. Come discover how to experience divine light even in the darkest of moments.

Selfie with Eva, Pascale and Ghylian together outside

Eva, Pascale, and Ghylian will guide you through the nature of what’s created in the beauty of darkness ― from Kemetic yoga, mantra, sacred cacao ceremony, and ecstatic dance in the dark.


Dancing in the Dark is an invitation to dive deep into the body's natural rhythm by detoxing and connecting to nature and your birth-right wellness.

Through this transformative experience, you’ll gain tools to emerge renewed as light.

September 17-19, 2021


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Experience Revival From the Inside Out

A weekend to immerse yourself and dive deep into your womb space surrounded by the mist of the Caribbean sea, basking in the sun, swaying with the breeze, bathing in the beautiful waters.

Your lungs will breathe fresh air. Pipa water fasting program will use coconut water to alleviate the load from your digestive system while providing enough fuel to sustain your metabolic processes.


You will be connecting to your body-mind-spirit on all levels to come out rejuvenated and renewed.

Immersive Ancient Healing

Retreat content will include the teachings of The People’s Practice which is an integration of Kemetic and Hatha with Tao healing arts.  These ancient methods employ breath, sound, and movement to still the mind and liberate the body, based on the foundations of four-part breath, geometric progression, and the remembrance of your indigenous nature within. 


The People’s Practice develops attention to individual needs while encouraging the support of a holistic community.

Mantra, Kriya, Yoga Nidra, and dance in ecstasy serve as a toolbox to deep cleanse your programming ― mantra chanting to attune to your highest universal frequency, kriya to deeply cleanse and balance your nerves, and yoga nidra to reset new neural pathways.

Retreat Schedule



Opening Ceremony

Sacred Cacao

Ecstatic Dancing in the Dark


Mantra & Kriya with Pascale

Ancient Yoga with Ghylian

Conflict Transformation from Within with Eva

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy

Q&A session

Yoga Nidra with Pascale

Ecstatic Dancing in the Dark


Mantra & Kriya with Pascale

Ancient Yoga with Ghylian

Heart Centered Communication with Eva

Yoga Nidra with Pascale

Ecstatic Dancing in the Dark

Two androgynous people, one bending down, one bending up to form a circle with their hands and arms

Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy

We have both energetic frequencies within us. Harness the power of both the masculine and feminine. 

Flowers and sticks arranged to look like human lungs

Breathwork & Movement

When connected, your physical body, mind, and soul work cohesively together. Create connection through breathwork and movement.

Indigenous African & Egyptian Yoga

Used for centuries, indigenous African & Egyptian yoga liberates your body. Remember your roots and connect with your ancestors. 

Hieroglyphics etched into stone

Sacred Cacao & Ecstatic Dance

Cacao is the number one antioxidant on the planet, and the most Yin-feminine substance Mother Earth gave us. Clean the daily noise and channel your highest frequencies with cacao. Dance is expression of self. Release and renew through movement.

Bowl with powdered cacao surrounded by cacao beans and chocolate bars
Three women seats on yoga mats in a circle

Heart Centered Communication

Communication from your heart resolves conflict and builds connections. Discover your unique voice.

Woman seated in meditation with hands at heart center holding mala beads


Mantra chanting to attune to your highest universal frequency.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra to reset new neural pathways.

Close up of person laying on yoga mat with incense burning nearby


Kriya to deeply cleanse and balance your nerves.

Three people in child's post on yoga mats

Meet Your Guides

Eva smiling with hands clasped at her chin


Eva offers a blend of unique and soulful practices that foster deep healing, connection to spirit and personal authenticity, resulting in lasting transformation, peace and freedom for her clients.

Eva has worked for over 20 years as a Peace and Conflict Transformation facilitator for the United Nations, the European Union and other international non-governmental organizations, supporting communities and individuals on resolving internal and external conflicts using a variety of modalities. 


Understanding that peace starts from an individual’s experience, before being transformative on a societal level, Eva offers guidance on personal, relational and organizational levels.

Ghylian smiling in front of green nature background


For over 25 years Ghylian Bell created new programs that are truly the emotional, psychological and spiritual amalgamation of all she had gathered energetically on her path of life. Her introduction to the practices of mediation and  yoga at age 19, came through the noted Jamaican singer/songwriter Bunny Wailer of the groundbreaking The Wailers featuring Bob Marley. That moment changed her and charged her forward.  She began her walk and her work to build a bridge of spiritual practices in all her endeavors. 


Ghylian has and still develops curriculum, training and retreats. Ghylian has organized and taught retreats throughout the world in Senegal, Bali, Cuba and Costa Rica.

Pascale smiling with brick background


Pascale has been in healing therapies since she was 14. Living 6 years in Asia learning ancient wisdom tools and technologies from masters and for the last 12 years, she has been located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica where she has been trained to practice Ancient Sacred Shamanic Wisdom. Pascale brings forth a platform to remind ourselves of the sanctity of life, the essence of life, and how to cultivate joy.​


Pascale will be guiding you from where you are at along in her sessions practical wisdom will be shared so you can expand your toolbox and have access to ancient memory to gain fearless freedom.





Location: Le Camelon Boutique Hotel


Located in the beautiful and laid-back Playa Cocles, you will find Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel. Just minutes away from the town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limon. 

Le Cameleon offers a blend of luxury and wellness - with subtly-decorated rooms, a stunning Jungle Pool and the NOA Beah Club. Every room features either a balcony or patio, and amenities like free wi-fi, air conditioning, coffee/tea maker and daily housekeeping. 


Standard private room 

Oceanview room 

Ocean beach suite 

Included with Your Stay

3 Days & 2 Nights

Pipa Water Fasting

2 Days of Reset


Sacred Caca
Ecstatic Dance

2 Workshops

9 Sessions