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Conscious Communication


Communication is a continuous learning experience

How we communicate creates understanding or misunderstanding around what we hear and what we say. Communication is at the core of conflict creation as well as conflict prevention. To transform a conflict between people and even countries the first steps is to identify how we communicate, from how we frame the conversation to how we listen actively.


I am hosting an online class on learning how to consciously communicate, centered from your heart. Combining Non-Violent Communication and spiritual psychology, this will support you in shifting the dynamic in any given situation to bring more peace and harmony for you and your relationships. You will learn to transform your way of communicating and nourish and fertilize your relationships.

This can help you to shift the relationship with your partner, children, parents, siblings, family members, colleagues, or friends - whoever you may have ongoing issues with or simply want to deepen your connection with. 

Register below and join me on April 20.

In this webinar we will cover

  • Available Online

    Online Class: 10:00am, CST


    27 US dollars

My training and personal coaching experience with Eva absolutely met and exceeded my specific needs and goals for expanding my corporate portfolio as a Holistic Health Practitioner. In my transition from private practice to the corporate domain, it became clear that I needed to develop new skills to meet the current demand for conflict resolution in the workplace. I quickly learned that communication is at the heart of most conflict situations and that a shift in our relational paradigm for how we communicate is necessary.

Eva is a true mentor that gently steadies her light on your greatest potential until you can see it for yourself. I will always be grateful for her guidance and support!

Jenny Clarke, MATP