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Do you feel lost or stuck?

Do you have issues with forgiving yourself or others, or have trouble letting go?

Are you depressed or do you have a hard time taking care of yourself?

Do you have pain in your body?

If you replied “Yes” to any of these questions then coaching may be the tool you need to create true transformation.

I offer customized programs based on the GROW Model:

Goal you are looking to achieve.

Reality as it is in the present.

Obstacles preventing you from realizing your heart’s desire.

Will that needs to be at your service and focused so you are not in competing intentions.


I am an intuitive person with sharp analytical skills and long-standing experience in conflict zones, I apply these gifts to my work as a coach. I am able to intuit the issues that are hidden deep within people’s psyches and bring them to the



That said, everything I experienced as a coach taught me that coaching and healing can only take place when I work in harmony with my client. Unless the client is ready to bring her or his dark places into the open and accept the shadows, no amount of coaching interventions can be successful. It is the get-together of my client readiness and willingness to put her or his trust in me, and my skills, experience, and intuition as a coach that brings about the Radical Transformation.