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Let's Change Your Life!

I see many mothers losing themselves in the struggle to balance family and career, just as I used to. As mothers we want flexible hours and part-time work but don’t think we’re allowed to ask for it. We settle for positions and pay that are below our level of experience and expertise. Or, we give up working altogether. I am determined to change this zero sum game to win-win, for myself and other women.

I guide executive moms who over-serve and under-earn to equality at home and at work.

Here's why we should talk

You’re educated and an expert yet you aren’t earning money.

Maybe your day is consumed by doing things you don’t want to do. You’ve given up your career to serve your family but you’re bored and resentful. What you really want is to go back to work but you feel guilty about it and you hide it.

The stress and exhaustion of serving others' needs have overwhelmed you and your libido has disappeared.

Each woman's experience is different, but if you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios, let's talk. I can help you redefine motherhood and career. We move out things that are draining and consuming. We bring in agency and contribution. I offer appropriate tools, methods, and skills to get you to your external goal:

  • Getting that promotion you hesitate to demand.

  • Getting the salary you dream of.

  • Getting the support you’ve been screaming to get from your spouse, partner or your children.

  • Getting the love and sex life you crave.

  • Getting the support you are reluctant to ask for.


I must confess that as much as I liked Eva at the beginning and thought she was a fantastic coach, I could not have imagined the depth of growth that I would undergo. Of course, I had a big pit to climb out of. Just months before meeting Eva I lost my precious 26 year-old daughter to cancer and I was in a dark difficult place. I thought no one could help me. I told myself that no one wants to hear the anger that is going to come out of me. No one will want to deal with the depression and deep sadness that is now my world. No one will take my shit and hang around long enough to see me through to the other side.  And, certainly no one can make me laugh again.
After working with Eva, I felt like a different person. Eva is a beam of light, so brilliantly able to focus, not necessarily on what I want to deal with but what needs to be dealt with. She is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met, and one of the most patient. And compassionate.


Mother of four

The first half of our time focused on getting me back to the land of the living, dealing with my deep fear and doubt and ridding me of many of the physical symptoms of my recent trauma. The second half was focused on LIFE. Once I wanted to live again and I was beginning to see that the sky really was a beautiful blue underneath the dark clouds, what did I want to do with myself? How will I choose to create my life from this point on?
I cannot encourage you enough to sit down with Eva and explore the deep recesses of your heart, whether your desire to do so comes from pain as mine did or just to awaken the power with in you, I can assure you it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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