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Sacred Cacao Dance

A ceremonial sacred experience designed to guide participants on a journey inward to open their hearts and connect with the most blissful expression of their being.

What is a Cacao Dance?

Cacao Dance is a ritual of drinking medicinal cacao in a meditative way with the intention to commune with it and receive its gifts. The purpose is to clear the daily noise and life issues and focus our attention, taking steps to collect ourselves, creating a funnel of frequencies, until we are tuned into the frequency of the cacao and ready to receive it.

I ask participants to set their intentions, as the direction of our journey. Then the drinking is held in silence and meditation.  Participants are encouraged to pay attention to their bodies, take deep breaths and listen to their hearts.

After meditation, we complete the ritual with an ecstatic dance! Truly letting yourself free of all worries, all of the limiatations we place on ourselves. Dancing together in pure joy and gratitude, embracing the new unbridled energy and releasing that which is no longer serving us. This is a complete freedom of individual expression. You choose your level of participation in the dance. The dance is free from judgement, and the only expectation is for you to be true to yourself.


The effect of the cacao can last up to 24 hours and the ceremony is only the opening note of the journey for the individual. After an hour I bring it to closure with expression of gratitude to the cacao spirit and the participants.


Cacao Dances take place in person and can be customized for your group. 

I can be booked to host a class for your group or event. Please email to inquire.


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Conscious Communication

How we communicate creates understanding or misunderstanding around what we hear and what we say. Communication is at the core of conflict creation as well as conflict prevention. To transform a conflict between people and even countries the first steps are to identify how we communicate, from how we frame the conversation to how we listen actively.


The focus of this class is learning how to consciously communicate, centered from your heart. Combining Non-Violent Communication and spiritual psychology will support you in shifting the dynamic in any given situation to bring

more peace and harmony to you and your relationships. You will learn to transform your way of communicating and nourish and fertilize your relationships.

This can help you to shift the relationship with your partner, children, parents, siblings, family members, colleagues, or friends - whomever you may have ongoing issues with or simply want to deepen your connection with. 

This class can be in person or online.  Please email to inquire.

Trusting your Intuition

Tapping into our intuition is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and it is one of the hardest things we can do. We are not trained to do that.


Intuition is our power but we learn from an early age to give it away. Power and intuition go hand in hand in that there is no external referral. It is not against something; it is not for something; it simply is. My desire is to support you to awaken or strengthen the connection to your soul and tap into the power of your intuition.

In this class, we will explore how to recognize the voice of our intuition, and how to trust that voice and apply it to our daily life- in creativity, problem-solving and interpersonal relationships.

This class can be in person or online. Please email to inquire.

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Through personal exploration and an insatiable curiosity, I've developed a multi-week program that will support my clients in establishing a new, individually tailored way of nourishing inside out.

Holistic Cleanse
& Detox

Where cacao is medicine and your emotions are the map.

The customizable cleanse and detox program is for individuals ready to shed their emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages, and rise like a phoenix from the ashes refreshed, renewed, and restored.

I support my clients in establishing a new, individually tailored way of nourishing inside out.


After 3 days of fasting, the body cells will self-generate. The Cleanse and Detox program includes beneficial physical activities, such as yoga, water bathing, sunbathing, sweating in a sauna, and raw cacao.


The coaching sessions help identify any emotional, mental, or spiritual blockages that don’t allow a person to relax, let go of the stress and pressures and re-connect with oneself on a deep level as well as with nature.


The dietary program alleviates the load from the digestive system while providing enough fuel to sustain the metabolic processes.


The program combines a cleansing diet with daily tailored body-mind-spirit practices.


Dietary Program

  • 1-2 days preparation for the cleanse with choice of ONE of the following cleanses or a combination of:

    • 3-5 days pipa cleanse (coconut water)

    • 3-7 days juice cleanse

    • 5 days water cleanse

    • 3-7 days gallbladder liver cleanse

    • 1-2 days coming back slowly to regular food – juices, and soups, raw fruits.

Cleanse & Detox can take place completely virtually or in various locations around the world: from the virgin rainforest and the enchanting shores of the Caribbean Sea and Pacific coast in Costa Rica to the South of France, Greece, Croatia, and Israel.



"Before knowing Eva or what I like to call the “Dalak method”, I still struggled with many internalized conflicts, such as impetuously cunning, false beliefs; irreplaceable unfortunate relationship patterns, unhealthy attachment styles, and family baggage that I did not know how to fully release."